RxWodGear.com – “An athlete’s guide to functional fitness  and CrossFit gear” was born out of my own frustration when starting CrossFit and trying find good information on gear for both working out and building my home gym (which started out with a single kettlebell and then took over the entire garage to the annoyance of my wife).

There are tons of products branded ‘Functional’ or ‘CrossFit’, some are just cheap crap as manufacturers jump on the ‘band wagon’ and  others are over priced ‘marketing lead’ products.  I look for REAL VALUE that will hold up to REAL WORKOUTS on a regular basis

I aim to provide honest, independent information on good quality gear and filter out the gimmicky or poor quality products that will leave you disappointed.  Finding good information can be difficult, some manufacturers actually pay people to write favorable and/or less favorable reviews about their products – you wont find anything like that on this site.

If you have personal experience of any of the gear featured on this site, please take the time to leave a comment. Your personal experience  is important to others whom like you, are trying to make the informed decisions regarding what to buy.

I have always been the type of person who wants to ‘do my research’ before I buy something. I use the same process to select the products that feature on RxWodGear. I hope you get real value out of this site, if you have comments or feedback please use the Connect page.