Kettlebells for the lads

So people, when your  primal or skullbell just isn’t doing it for you anymore, you can now take it to the next level.  Check out these puppies from 306 creative communication, finally the long wait is over, kettlebells in the shape of boobs have been created! Yes you read it correct kettlebells in the shape of woman’s breasts. They come in 3 different sizes small, medium and large (personally I think they missed a trick, I would have gone for cup sizes). Three colours are available in black, sliver or gold. You even get a bra style holder to keep store them in your gym (ok I made that up but would be a nice add on). There not available for sale just yet so keep calm for a little longer :)

Kettlebells in the shape of womans boobs.

Kettlebells in the shape of womans boobs.

Looks like the “lid has been popped” on the competition for the craziest kettlebell shapes, where will human creativity and taste go next?

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