Kettlebells With Some Serious Attitude

So you want a home box with attitude? Those standard pro yellow, blue, green kettlebells just aren’t bringing out your personality? How about a badass skull, gorilla or demon kettlebell?

Er yes, you read that correctly, recently we have seen a few non-standard bells popping up on the market so we have rounded up a collection of the best. All of the kettlebells featured are fully functional and intended for real use!

Skullbell from IronSkull

Skullbell - kettlebell from IronSkull

Skullbell from IronSkull

These are pretty cool, each weight is a different design. You can send IronSkull an image and they will do a custom paint job. You can also add an optional engraved steel back plate. The even have a super heavy beast at 42.5kg ooch!

  • Model/Manufacturer : Skullbell from Iron Skull
  • Weight : 12Kg – 42.5Kg  (26lb – 93.5lb)
  • Cost : $64.99 – $259.99 (depending on weight)
  • US Based

Kettlebone from Bodymax

Kettlebones from BodyMax

Kettlebones from Bodymax

If you are UK based the kettlebone bell is an option, however, the same level of customization as the Skulbell isnt offered.

  • Model/Manufacturer : Kettlebone from Bodymax
  • Weight : 8Kg – 32Kg  (26lb – 72lb)
  • Cost : £19.99 – £79.99 (depending on weight)
  • UK Based

DemonBells from DemonBells

DemoBells from DemonBells

DemoBells from DemonBells

Maybe demons are more your thing? DemonBells come in 4 sizes, each one with a different demon design.

  • Model/Manufacturer : DemonBells from DemonBells
  • Weight : 7Kg – 32Kg  (16lb – 72lb)
  • Cost : $79.99- £199.99 (depending on weight)
  • UK Based

Primal Kettlebell from Onnit

So if the whole Goth thing isn’t you, how about some getting primal with a Chimp, Gorilla or Orangutan?

Primal Kettlebell from Onnit

Primal Kettlebell from Onnit

  • Model/Manufacturer : Primal kettlebells from Onnit
  • Sizes : 16kg – 32kg (36lb – 72lb)
  • Cost : $84.95 – $149.95 (depending on weight)
  • US Based

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6 Responses

  1. Troy Sholl says:

    Would love to get one of these for a regular KB price. Awesome!

  2. Its possible to delivery in France , How much for à KB 24 kg

  3. Gonna go for a THIRD set of five 1.5-pood Turkish Get-Ups.

  4. Troy Sholl says:

    Yes, you are probably right on your choice. My soon-to-be ex (from Colombia) freaked out when she first saw three small Shrek-like ogre figures that I had in my place. They were a play on hear no, see no evil. She called them demonic and actually not only hid them away when I was at work but wrapped them up in an attempt to insulate their potency. Most people found them comical. But you never know who might take the skulls too seriously. She had no problem with monkeys though. Even married one for awhile.

  1. November 23, 2013

    […] people, when your  primal or skullbell just isn’t doing it for you anymore, you can now take it to the next level.  Check out these […]

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